Thursday, August 13, 2015

Imorgon ska jag hälsa på den här!

Lejonet på Gripsholm! Så peppad! 
Han har fått mig på bättre humör många gånger förut i mitt liv. 
Har tidigare visat honom för ett flertal amerikanska 
ynglingar jag velat imponera på. 

En av dem skrev i sin resedagbok:

The next day Paul hung out with Marie and Ian and I were picked up by Emi and her father. Mr. Guner is a good egg-- humble and curious and funny. He drove us out of town to a small church for some historical sightseeing, treated us to lunch (beef stroganoff, mmm), and took us to Gripsholm, a giant Castle that has been converted into an art museum. The highlight, by far, was the infamous Gripsholm Lion, a sight that can only be conveyed through pictures. After laughing uncontrollably for about 20 minutes, we packed it up and drove back to Stockholm. I love driving. Someday I hope to drive around the world. I digress.

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